• Come see Calumino at SMABIoT 2019

    Calumino will exhibit the Calumino Thermal Sensor (CTS) and our thermal-based IoT solution 'Eve Sense' at SMABIoT 2019 in Taiwan!

    8-10 May 2019 – Taipei, Taiwan

    The Calumino team are heading to Taiwan to showcase our new thermal sensor and how our Eve Sense IoT solution combines the latest in thermal sensing technology and proprietary computer vision algorithms to deliver data insights unlike any existing IoT system.


    The core focus of SMABIoT "will be placed on AI and IoT applications for commercial, residential, healthcare and hospitality" – SMABIoT.


    Come see us at Booth #5625 in the Smart Living Pavilion!

  • Calumino is soft launching Eve


    Eve is an IoT platform powered by Calumino's latest thermal sensor innovations – enabling dynamic, real-time and always-on information about human activity and heat emitting environments.

    The Eve IoT platform adds value to a variety of industries ranging from Aged Care, Health Care and Home Care—'Eve Care'—to Smart Buildings, Hotels, Industrial Assets, Security and Fire Detection—'Eve Sense'.


    For more information about Eve Care, please visit https://www.evecare.ai/

    Showcase video of Eve Care at the 9th Australian Healthcare week

    (0:50 min. into the video)

    Aging Into The Future Expo, LA

    April 6, 2019 – Los Angeles, USA

    Calumino has soft launched Eve Care at the Aging Into The Future Expo.


    Eve Care's focus is to provide value to Aged Care, Health Care and Home Care providers, by offering real-time fall detection, visitor, activity and well-being data, as well as transparency into the quality of care. Unlike invasive CCTV cameras, the system can be easily installed in health, aged and home care facilities, providing a non-intrusive and non-wearable solution that significantly respects residents’ privacies.

    IoT Asia 2019

    27-28 March, 2019 – Singapore

    Calumino has soft launched Eve Sense at IoT Asia 2019.


    Eve Sense provides human presence detection and occupancy counting for Smart buildings and Hotels.

    For industrial asset monitoring, Eve Sense visualises the health status and KPIs of sensitive industrial and mission critical assets in real-time on a dashboard.

    Furthermore, the platform provides reliable people detection in dark environments, where CCTV systems have reached their limits.

    9th Australian Healthcare week

    27-28 March, 2019 - Sydney, Australia

    Calumino has soft launched Eve Care at the 9th Australian Healthcare week.


    New dimensions of insight through intelligent use of thermal imaging technologies

    Thermal Imaging Technologies

    becoming increasingly low-cost


    Calumino specialises in Internet of Things (IoT) applications using thermal imaging sensors. Thermal imaging enables completely new use cases in smart building technologies, fire detection, security and monitoring. We are here to consult you on how this technology can reduce electricity costs in corporate buildings, increase security and safety and provide useful occupancy data.




    Calumino is a private company based in Sydney, Australia. Our team includes some of the foremost experts in innovations and thermal sensing technologies. Our mission is to introduce thermal imaging technologies into new use case scenarios and enable unparalleled features and benefits.


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